Tower Of David

Tower Of David Museum Of The History Of Jerusalem
Consulting & Planning
the TOD museum is hosting a audiovisual installation that is on show every night for the last 9 years.
in 2017 as the TOD decided to create a new show , I was approached to plan and design a new outdoor sound system for the show.
this was a challenging 7.1 surround system designed for the new show. As the work progressed , the museum decided to keep and screen the old show
that was accompanied by a 5.1 sound system , therefor I had to plan a full redundancy system that will accommodate both shows ,sometimes played on the same night.
the system contained  24 NEXO speakers controlled by two 16 in and 16 analogue out xilica neutrino processor
plus 16 DANTE inputs. This enabled maximum flexibility and redundancy for controlling both shows.