Consulting & Planning
Technical production

The Challenge (h2)

Introduce the client, users, customers, and setting. what the project entailed, what problem needed to be solved. try to convey as much information as possible. in this section it is not mandtory to add pictures.

But you can add a picture of the client, or a picture of the place where the project suppose to be before the beginning of the installation.

Jaffa Street Jerusalem

The Process (h2)

An elborated explanation on what it taked to build such project. What did it required from you?,  What was offerd to the client?, How did you planned to execute your solution? , what problems accrued along the way.

in the images you can use for example a screen shot of the light modeling & mapping. or a picture that give a glimpse to the process

3d simulation of the project

The Outcome (h2)

What were the results? , how well the solution played out?, how people react? What the client thought?.answering all these questions as elaborated as possible. also this is a good place to add quotes of testimonial from the client and other relevant participants.

Tapping on the post box was so fun. so simple and yet so rewarding. hope to see such an experiences more frequently
postbox installation
The building with the light installation

20K Particepnets

200% more Interaction than expected