Hi, My name is  Shuli I'm an Audio visual consultant & Audio light Artist

Hi, my name is Shuli I am an Audio-Visual consultant & interactive installation art producer. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of Av and with a wide range of complex projects made for festivals, municipalities, big corporations and more,  I always get excited about having a new challenge.

What I do as an AV consultant & Interactive art producer

Today my work revolve around two main aspects. Consultancy and producing interactive installations. both are in the field of Audio visual, or in short AV.

As a consultant I dig deep into a project to analyze and design a customized offer and insights for all AV(audio visual) solutions that uniquely accommodate all your technology requirements for your specific project. Help develop fully integrated systems and optimize it so you can maximize it's use. every stage is continuously reviewed and improved through criticism & clients feedback.

As A Producer  I make together with musicians and artists a unique interactive installations positioned as part of  the urban environment or ambient, like buildings, mail boxes,  art display in festivals, a complex creating an experience that the viewers can take part in.

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