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My name is Shuli Oded.
I am a consultant on audio-visual solutions & a designer of audio-light interactive public installations.

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What I do

As a consultant, I delve deep into a project, provide insights,and design customized solutions for all AV (audio visual) matters, tailored specifically to accommodate your project’s unique technology requirements.

 As a technical producer, I plan and coordinate all aspects of a production, including finding the appropriate equipment suppliers and facilitating communication between the various production elements, while considering the client's schedule and budget. 

Recent projects


As part of the Midburn festival, we brought the Draktor (Dragon + Traktor). The Draktor is a projecting light and breathing fire Installation that roar and moves to the beat of the dance floor.

Post post

An interactive art installation made with audio and sound embedded to the urban environment. Tapping the post boxes create a sound and a light effect.

Audio visual Consultancy

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Interactive Audio & light installations

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technical production


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